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About Us

123Ply specialize in residential and commercial design, fabrication and installation of solid surface products. We employ a long-standing and talented team of professionals dedicated to providing quality service to our customers.

We are committed to not only the best quality fabrication, but also delivering new designs and applications of solid surface to the design community.

123Ply has established a unique reputation in the solid surface materials industry. We have extensive experience in assisting kitchen dealers, builders, interior designers, architects and project managers in all aspects of integrating solid surface materials into their projects.


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Why Choose Us?

We are opened for business to give customers a wide selection of amazingly priced Plywood, Veneers, Blackboards and Laminates.

  • 01
    Professional builders
    Excellent fabrication durability with 10years of experience.
  • 02
    Best branded products
    DuPont Corian ®, DuPont Montelli.
  • 03
    Residential & Commercial
    Dupont corian in an excellent products for residential applications like façade, staircase, temple, vanity, kitchen and counter etc.
  • 04
    Guarantee of durability
    It comes with 10 years of manufacturer warranty from the company with certain__.
  • 05
    Seamless Design
    Huge panels can be created with seamless Corian sheets.
  • 06
    Renewable & Repairable
    Renewable & Repairable

A few words from
our happy clients

Business Analyst

"Wonderful staff" 123ply team are very friendly and kind, most important is that they are knowledgeable and gives you a suggestion for your designs.

Top Manager

"Great experience" working with 123ply. super professional, expert Corian solid surface designs. "work done on time"


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