Know About MDF Board

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Know About MDF Board

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Nowadays, MDF board has turned out to be exceptionally famous. The full form of MDF is Medium-Density- Fiberboard. Ease has made it a solid option of wood. Here in this article, points of interest of MDF is talked about which incorporates types, properties, production technique of MDF. A designed composite wood item produced using buildups of hardwood and softwood sticking together with wax and gum under outrageous weight and weight is called Medium Density Fiberboard or MDF wood.

Medium-thickness fiberboard is the most flexible building material I am aware of. Since it’s cheap and genuinely strong, medium thickness fiberboards a decent decision for useful ventures like racking and capacity cupboards. Be that as it may, MDF wood is awesome for improving activities as well. The smooth surface of medium thickness fiberboard is ideal for painting, and a switch leaves fresh profiles with no chipping, consuming or detach.

Types of MDF:

  • Ultra-light MDF plate (ULDF)
  • Typically green MDF those are moisture resistant
  • Typically red or blue MDF which is fire retardant

The Benefit of MDF Board:

MDF board has many benefits besides the low cost. For one, it’s stronger than particle board (which is made from compressed sawdust) and is often made with a veneer to create the look of a solid wood board. Compared with hardwood, MDF is lighter, the synthetic concoctions inside repulse termites, and it doesn’t twist much in a damp climate.


  • Furniture
  • Partition
  • Flooring & Ceiling
  • Wall paneling
  • Cabinets and Shutters

Top Brands in India:

  • Greenply
  • Action-Tesa
  • Asis
  • Century
  • Merino

Standard Sizes:

  • 8×4
  • 8×6
  • 7×6
  • 7×4
  • 6×4

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