Difference Between Solid Surface Vs. Granite

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Difference Between Solid Surface Vs. Granite

SOLID SURFACE: Solid Surface is a hard surface, man-made stone like material, got from ATH (Aluminum Trihydrate) and blended with acrylic and of polyester, which has been detailed so that it can be fabricated and manipulated into counter tops, desk tops, reception desks and so on. Solid surface is a manufactured material most commonly used for seamless countertop installations.Solid surface countertops are made for the most part from acrylic and polyester. This material is durable, seamless, stain resistant, and heat resistant. Moreover, in light of the fact that solid surface countertops don’t have any grout, sink lip, or crease holes, this material is super simple to keep clean. Even better these countertops are nonporous, meaning that you won’t have to worry about stains and grime ruining your counter.Solid surface materials started with DuPont’s Corian. The thought behind its development was to have a surface that looked sensibly like common stone, however not at all like stone, would be non-porous. Solid surface countertops are about 33 percent binding resins and 66 percent minerals.

GRANITE: Granite is a type of stone commonly used in kitchen countertop construction. Granite has become the leading choice for quality kitchen, bathroom and outdoor countertops. Not only does granite add a sturdy elegance to a home, it is durable, easy to maintain and will remain brilliant for decades with proper maintenance and care. Granite is a natural stone that took mother nature but it chances to wear and tear if not careful proper.

Which Is Better Solid Surface Vs. Granite

Solid surface is a hard surface material. But Granite is not hard material as compare to solid surface and chances will be break or crack and solid surface is less chances to wear and tear  if crack the material will be repairable. Granite is rarely repairable. Solid surface is a hygienic and nonporous. solid surfacing is designed to endure many years of use. Granite is prone to cracks and chips with use over time. Solid Surface meets FDA, ASTM and NSF standards for commercial food preparation, food contact and bacterial resistance. Solid Surface is the only healthy choice for Restaurants, Hospitals and other applications where bacterial resistance is important. But Granite is non hygienic and where bacteria can hide and is harder to keep clean. Solid surface is a stain free and heat resistant whether it’s stains, chips or cracks, once damage is done to granite, Solid surfacing can be renewed, as small knicks and scratches can easily be buffed out. Solid surface look great material and glossy finish and Granite is a stone looks and non-finish material. Granite should be sealed every 1–2 years to minimize the risk of staining. Corian never needs sealing. Both granite and Corian should be professionally installed. Solid surface life is more as compare to Granite. Solid surfacing is decorative and offers many design options. Granite can be only shaped or carved, but a solid surface countertop can be -Routed, Shaped, Sculpted, Engraved, Sandblasted, Backlit.

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