Difference Between Acrylic & Polyester Solid Surface

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Difference Between Acrylic & Polyester Solid Surface

Category : Corian

                                             Acrylic Vs. Polyester Solid Surface

Acrylic Solid Surface is more admirable then Polyester Solid Surface. Acrylic Solid surface material is best where water and food will get in contact. Where interest for Hygiene is extremely high. Polyester is only a replica of Acrylic. It looks and feels like Acrylic Solid surface, yet it isn’t. Polyster Solid Surface is an exceptionally bring down quality as compared  with Acrylic. In International market, Acrylic Solid surface is known for being Food Grade certified i.e it is cleanly spotless for influencing kitchen To countertop like surface. Locally in India very few individuals know about the distinctions. I am discussing home owners. At the point when your architect or woodworker offers you excellent Corian material, inquire as to whether it is Acrylic or Polyester. Polyester has bring down rate as compared with Acrylic. Polyester doesn’t twist and we can twist Acrylic. Bending of solid surface & creating beautiful designs is unique selling point of solid surface, which clearly is not present in Polyster made material.Having said that there are uses of Polyester solid surface and there is huge market for it also. All I need to reveal to Home Owners is don’t get undermined material you are being sold.

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