Design With Solid Surface


Solid Surface is designed to have the feel of silk, the quality and allure of natural stone and the hygienic properties of stainless steel. Easy to care for, incredibly stylish and offers endless design flexibility.


We are experts in fabricating and installing commercial and industrial applications. We have built a reputation second to none for “on time” delivery, accuracy of work and communication with our contractors..

How we work

Step1: Confirm design.
Step2: Get quotation and confirm budget .
Step3: Deepening design and final construction drawings.
Step4: Products producing .
Step5: Other related plan worked out.
Step6: Aftersales service and site installation guiding.

After final specifications have been determined, our customer service department will contact you to organise a site measure/template. Following this, one of our competent site tradesman will accurately measure/template your cabinets and wall shapes which will ensure an exact fit. The product is fabricated entirely in our manufacturing plant, which leaves only on site joins to be finished and allows for minimum disruption and mess. This process is coordinated with other on site trades, if need be, to ensure a smooth and time efficient quality installation.

Solid Surfaces have a non-porous composition. The material is a homogenous makeup that is the same material all the way through. Liquids and other staining agents will not penetrate the material and are easily cleaned with soap and water. Bacteria cannot grow within the material unlike stone and timber. It therefore passes the highest regulatory certification. All stubborn stains can be cleaned with a damp sponge and a mild abrasive cleanser.

NSF Standard 51 – Compliant
Solid Surface is compliant with the highest of 3 food zone listings by NSF ( Solid Surface has a commercial rating for food preparation. This compliance is stamped on the back of every sheet of Solid Surface.

Heat Resistance
Although solid surface can withstand high temperatures, it is not recommended that the product be subjected to high heat for long periods of time, such as hot food bars, heating lights, BBQ’s and wok burners.

Can I put hot pots/pans on Solid Surface?
Just like any other material, it is not recommended to place hot pots/pans directly on the Solid Surface.

123Ply provide a colour matched Solid Surface prep board/heat pad with each kitchen benchtop installation. We recommend that this piece of Solid Surface be used to place your hot pots on. Another option is to use integrated heat rods that work like a heat pad. Heat rods can be removed for easy cleaning.

If Solid Surfaces are used in a vertical wall application i.e. splash backs, the heat source should be a minimum of 200mm from the face of the material and 275mm from a wok burner or similar.

Structural Support
The 12mm thick product is commonly fabricated over a ladder frame substrate and can be fabricated to any designed thickness by adjusting the build down edge. The product should be supported every 600mm – 700mm and overhangs greater than 200mm must have a support.

Solid Surface is non-porous which means liquids cannot be absorbed into the surface – so stains are never permanent! Solid Surface is a renewable and repairable material – meaning scratches and chips are also never permanent! Due to the properties of Solid Surface, it can be renewed or repaired without having to replace the entire surface.


We offer a repair service, ask us for a quote today!


Can I cut directly on Solid Surface?
Solid Surface is not a cutting surface – a separate chopping board is recommended to avoid scratching the surface.

Chemical Resistance
Solid Surface is resistant to most acids and reagents. A trial should be conducted on a sample piece for suitability of application at all times.

With Solid Surface, you have the choice of three finishes; matt, satin (standard) and gloss. To achieve a finish that is easy to maintain, a satin finish is recommended. While a high-gloss finish is not recommended for high-use horizontal areas (e.g. kitchen benchtops), it is ideal for decorative purposes. 123Ply recommend a satin finish, which allows cleaning and maintenance with household abrasive cleansers. If the top is severely scratched, 123Ply can refinish the top insitu.

Seamless Joins
Solid Surface is renowned for seamless joints and hard to see joins. The magic feature of solid surface is the apparent one-piece appearance of the top (unlike stone, laminate etc). The product is seamlessly joined by the use of a colour matched, purpose made adhesive, that welds the two pieces together.

One of the very attractive design differences that is available when using Solid Surface, is the fact that it can be heated and moulded with no detriment to the product.
Designers use this feature to:
– Semi recess vanity bowls
– Shape bars, serveries etc.
– Curved reception counters
– Curved splashbacks and fascias
– Custom design basins and bowls.

Thermoforming allows endless design creativity to produce shapes, curves and moulds which were previously unobtainable. 123Ply has developed skills in the art of thermoforming that make them leaders in this field.

Seamless Splash backs and 10mm tile cove
Solid surface allows you to create a seamless cove between the horizontal and vertical solid surfaces. A 10mm tile cove allows you to integrate glass/tile or other splashback material. The tile cove creates a sleek, seamless look that is easy to keep clean and ensures no grime build up at this point.

Note: Solid Surface is not recommended for commercial kitchens, spas, pools and saunas.
For further information on heat resistance please contact our technical staff.

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