Corian® Bathroom Design

DuPont Corian is perfect for divider, wall, floor and benchtop surfaces in bathrooms, as it is warm to the touch and with no grout it’s very easy to clean, creating a unique and practical environment.
Corian is a strong, consistent, non-permeable material produced using characteristic minerals and acrylic resin. Free from soil traps, impervious to buildup, even repairable if fundamental, Corian is at home in the most minimized of bathrooms and the most extravagant of shower spaces.
Bits of Corian can be stuck together subtly to make a consistent look, giving essentially boundless plan conceivable outcomes and it can be thermoformed in molds at controlled temperatures keeping in mind the end goal to create various 2D and 3D design objects.

• Resistant to mould and mildew
• Non-porous, seamless surfaces
• Available in a variety of colours

Transform the bathroom into a beautiful oasis of wellness and refinement. Durable, hygienic and functional, Corian® Delight bathtubs – customizable or ready-to use – are the ultimate balance between outstanding technical performance and sensory and aesthetic excellence. Highly versatile, the three models – symmetrical semi-finished oval and rectangular models with top; oval freestanding model – match any interior style across both residential and commercial environments. Offering much more than the basic functionality of the past, bathrooms today are designed with beauty and relaxation in mind. With its design versatility, Corian® solid surface is a vital component in many exciting bathroom designs, including elegant basins and shower trays, sleek wetrooms, Zen-influenced baths, and ergonomically designed schemes with bended vanity units.

Seamless Appearance
Corian® products, such as basins and backsplashes, can be perfectly integrated to create the sleek impression of a single flowing surface. With seamlessly streamlined features, there are no visible joints or cracks to collect dirt and moisture.
Beautiful Corian Design

As with any interior scheme, the designs for the bathroom represent an opportunity to realize the unique style. Corian® offers the inspirational variety, longevity, and elegance to embody design ideas.Washbasins made with Corian® are a profitable expansion to washroom outline, fit for taking care of the requests of your creative energy. In addition to creating own original basin designs and integrated vanity units, can choose from our extensive array of prefabricated shapes and sizes.DuPont™ Corian® solid surface is easy to clean – it’s nonporous, so stains do not penetrate the surface. With proper cleaning, Corian® also resists the growth of mould, mildew, and bacteria.

Regardless of whether you decide on tweaked or pre-assembled washroom sinks, you can depend on the largest amounts of lifespan in execution, adaptability and simple upkeep. All Corian® restroom sinks are easy to clean and can keep going as long as the life of the washroom and past. Moreover, the nonporous strong surface implies that with legitimate cleaning, Corian® won’t harbor the development of form or buildup. Understand your motivation for bathroom designs with custom or instant washroom sinks made from Corian®.


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