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Prelam Flooring from ASIS

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Asis has been in the forefront in providng modern day interior solutions to panel and furniture manufacturing in India by establishing the state of the art manufacturing plant in verdant Uttarakhand.

Asis is now introducing the most versatile Laminated Flooring for the first time in India. It is highly adabptable, the design and decor can be customized to suit anyone’s aesthetic tastes. It is great products for the more adventurous one who prefer do it yourself installations. It is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to renovate their homes and commerical premises.

Asis Laminated Flooring is manufactured with sophisticated computerized technology to create realistinc designs. The tp wear layer is incredibly and easy to care it is also highly imperovious to most stains, spills, burns and is extremely scratch resistant.


  • Laminated Flooring is extremly impact and scrath resistant
  • Extremly stain resistant and will not fade from ultra voilet sunlight.
  • Impervious to cigarette burns.
  • combines a realistic impression of wood and tile with amd extre,;u diran;e finish.
  • moisture resistant
  • Life expectancy of Asis Laminated flooring is very high.

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