The usage of this product dates back to the ancient Egyptian civilization. Back then, Plyboard (being light in weight) was used to make boats and chariots. Over the years, usage increased as people began to realize the versatility of this type of wood. World War-I, especially, was a time when the use of Plyboard came to the fore since it was the ideal building material for fighter aircraft

Nowadays, however, Plyboard is used for more peaceful purposes. Nevertheless, its usage has increased to the extent that it cannot be done without. Whether in the areas of construction, interior designing or furnishing, Plyboard has become an indispensable part of our lives.

That's exactly why Green ply Industries Limited has a range of Plyboard products to serve every possible need that might arise. The two main brands that are manufactured by green ply industries are Green ply Plyboard and Green Club Premium Plyboard, which come with a lifetime guarantee. In-fact Green ply is the first company to introduce a Plyboard brand with a lifetime guarantee. Apart from this green ply industries manufactures Green Composed board with Zero Gap Technology, Green Marine Plyboard, Green Shuttering Plyboard, Green film Coated Plyboard, Green Chequered Plyboard, Green Flexi ply, Green MR grade Plyboard Green flush Door

Each of these can be trusted. Implicitly since they are manufactured under the most stringent of conditions. Which means that they are built to last for generations and are sure to serve the purpose for which they have been created?


  • Laminates
  • Decorative veneers
  • Plyboard
  • Prelam MDF / Particle Board
  • New Mika


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